Online shop

online shops

Contemporary and effective selling of your products on the "virtual market"

Naturally, we haven't re-invented the wheel ! But our "wheel" rolls as you need it to and not as a "system". Individual and flexible adaptation is the foundation to create an effective solution.

Benefits of the online-Forum online stores


  • In contrast to existing standard systems, we can adapt our store to a current product structure, sales concept and interfaces
  • Individual output and input surfaces
  • Various administrative functions with rights allocation and adaptation
  • Pre-existing merchandise management and invoicing functions can still be utilised from your Head Office's location
  • Alternatively, the online store also features an :
  •    - Invoicing system
  •    - Payment demand "Dunning"
  •    - Logistics interface
  •    - Payment interface
  • Potential addition of online-Forum application services


The most important functions of the online store at a glance


  • Number of categories, category depth and unlimited products
  • Sorting freedom
  • Unlimited number of images and prices for each product
  • Cross-selling module such as  "Other users who bought" offering alternative products, highlighting special offers or similar product placement
  • Unlimited quantity scales for each price
  • Wide ranging price system (for example, unlimited customer group prices, information on block pricing, etc.)
  • International currency settings
  • Multiple tax and duty region settings for an international market place
  • Variable shipping methods, scalable country specific to adapt to international purchases
  • Configurable payment types to international standards
  • HTML editor "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG)
  • Administration interfaces including rights management
  • Export functionality - various formats (CSV, TXT, XLS, etc. DATEV)
  • Integrated German / English Content Management System for page maintenance
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Print shipping documents, proforma templates, delivery notes, invoices etc.
  • Adapting and editing the document templates
  • Free editing of the e-mail templates
  • Memo function downloadable in PDF format
  • Storage management - display and modify the inventory per item
  • Display and change the order status
  • Automatic status messages (e.g. of order, safety stocks, blocked customers, stock status, etc.)
  • Mail tracking (tracking of outgoing goods to the recipient via UPS, DPD, etc.)
  • Content of Infobox definable
  • Order details and address management for each customer in their profile
  • Article and article commenting rating system
  • Search Engine Optimised Programming


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