11.11.2010 - Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval e.V. - Sponsored by online-Forum

The CC is the umbrella organisation of the carnival in Düsseldorf and was founded in 1825.

It consists of 14 members, the Executive Board comprising of the President, the Vice President, Managing Director and Treasurer with an extended management board, consisting of deputy treasurer, writer, Rosenmontags manager, float construction manager, archivist / buyer, Prince supervisors, secretaries, press officers and the youth representative. They are elected by members of the  Düsseldorf carnival clubs and the work is carried out voluntarily.

The Comitee chooses the Prince and Princess, organises the Prinzenkürung, the Rosenmontag parade and the Carnival T.V. coverage on the German national television channels WDR and ARD.


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