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... The appropriate and cost effective alternative to buying software!

The Application Service Provider (ASP) is a service that offers an application to exchange information, for example via the Internet, the ASP takes care of the complete administration, data backup, the installation of updates etc .

Important :
The required software is not purchased by the user, but hired as required basis via the data network. With the assistance of ASP services, companies can outsource all the administrative departments or process steps and thus focus on their core business.

The advantages are obvious :

  • Risk prevention within your companys network account, as the application service in our data center is operated under the highest safety standards
  • You "rent" the software and pay for only what you actually use
  • Contact from any browser anywhere in the world and in different languages
  • Easy to use due to customisable interface and programming
  • No cost to the companys I.T. structure
  • Maintenance, data back-up, update installation etc. are automatically handled centrally for you
  • Highest level of security by encrypting the data during transfer and storage


The following basic modules are available for your customisation :

Basic Module with staff management :

  • Management of information relating to personnel
  • Create and manage various organisational data (such as organisational charts, access rights etc.)
  • Allocation of access rights and representative regulations based on previously obtained image structures
  • Polling statistics and additional information


Customer Module :

  • Management, development and export of customer and prospective customer information
  • Customer Relationship Management (documentation of vital information about your customers in order to survey the business relationship and maintain a long-term overview)
  • (Example: average sales, seasonal buying patterns, birthdays of important partners, etc.)


Invoicing Module :

  • Invoices
  • Collective invoices
  • Invoicing cycle
  • Open Item Control
  • Payment demand (Dunning)
  • DATEV interface


Correspondence Module :

  • Collection of all contacts made to the customers, prospects or to projects. (phone calls, appointments, memos, etc.)
  • Creating a complete documentation and history of the customer relationship
  • Evaluation of the correspondence allows rapid analysis of customer relationship


Product Module :

  • Central storage of all business and goods
  • Comprehensive information is collected, organised and studied thus forming an ideal basis for the distribution of offers
  • The post generation of forecast information


Project Module :

  • Documentation of the project activities
  • Timekeeping for each project
  • Basic analysis for the production of accounts
  • Controlling
  • Determine the project status


Resource Module :

  • Dates and commercial useage to management of resources (conference room, projectors, cars etc)
  • Enquiry & reservation form
  • Publication of all resources in a calendar overview
  • Rates by day and hours freely scalable and depositable
  • Rental terms as appropriate, cost center accounts assignable
  • Export interface


Task module :

  • Allocation and control of tasks and deadlines assigned to employees
  • Development of a complete task history
  • Reminder set-up on time in order to keep operations as effective as possible
  • At the touch of a button, recall of specific task information (e.g. which tasks are open, which have already been processed, what work load has been invested to date etc.)


Time Module :

  • Full time Control
  • Linked to the task or project  will document all activities in a timely manner
  • Work time analysis in terms of people, projects or customers
  • Data used as a basis for invoicing


Candidate module :

  • Tender formulation
  • Deposit of measure catalogues
  • Organisation
  • Management of correspondence
  • Management, analysis and comparison of relevant application data


Flexible, economical and easy to use !

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