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Application Development - Association

Regardless of the size of club, our system maintains an overview.

The advantages:


  • The innovative web solution is accessible through any browser anywhere in the world
  • Each Executive or Member has the possibility to work on the site, subject to the appointment of access rights, from anywhere in the world via the Internet application
  • Personalised interface
  • Extremely easy to use
  • The pricing structure for on-demand business software is ideal and a fair solution for clubs


You only pay for what you use


  • Hire only the desired functions and have no investment in software or hardware
  • Because we carry out the maintenance and updates are automatic and central, you always work up to date
  • Maintenance, data back-up, updates, etc. ... That is why we care!
  • Highest level of security by encrypting the data



The following modules are available as required :

Members Module :


  • Full member and master data management
  • Additional management activities, tournament participation, team organisations, etc.
  • Management of membership fees prepared for settlement


Module organisation :


  • Publication of current information, such as tournament schedules, result lists, etc.
  • Enquiry & reservation module (course assignments, start times, tournament bookings etc.)
  • Commercial management and rental of clubs facilities (membership fees, rentals, entry fees, donations, etc.)


Invoicing Module :


  • Consolidation of all organisational  information
  • Invoicing of various services (membership fees, rentals, entry fees, donations, etc.)
  • Invoices including cycle and accounts collection
  • Open Item Control
  • Payment demand (Dunning)
  • DATEV interface


Flexible, cost effective and easy to use !


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